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Speed Control Units

Can be used with open or closed loop systems;" High dynamic performance;" Contributes to energy-saving;" Eliminates startup problems with generators by the help of controlled motor current;" Thanks to Space Vector Modulation for high torque motor drive at all speeds;" Exclusively designed for elevators. Special parameters for traveling comfort;" Compatible with 5V - 24V, TTL, HTL, pnp output, npn output and totem pole output encoder types;" 10 KHz IPM switching frequency for low noise motor drive;" Integrated DC REACTOR (DCR);" 4 low noise fans for efficient cooling;" All control inputs and outputs are isolated;" User friendly LCD menus for all parameters and faults;" PC communication with RS-232 port;" Control card communication with RS-485 port;" Data Key for easy saving and transferring parameters;" Overload, high voltage, low voltage, short circuit, power interruption, line phase control, over-heat, grounding fault, over-torque and other necessary protection functions.